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Workshop Locations:   O’Fallon Township Building   O’Fallon Public Safety Building
                                   801 E State Street                   285 N Seven Hills Road
                                   O’Fallon, IL 62269                 O’Fallon, IL 62269
Workshop Fees:     Guild Member Taught  - $25 members/ $35 non-members
                             Full Day Workshop (9am-3pm) - $45 members/ $55 non-members
                            Half Day Workshop (6pm-9pm) - $30 members/ $40 non-members



MARCH 2018

Mar 4 -  Crazy Quilt Club - Time: 2:00pm 

Mar 13 - Guild Meeting: – Lecture/Program: Kathy Kansier, “Making Do…Surviving                     the Great Depression”   
                 Time 6:30 Social, 7:00 pm
                 Location: First Methodist Church

                 Learn what caused the Great Depression and what life was like during                         that time. Kathy will share photos, aprons, quilts, fabrics, and other items                   from this period of “making do”             

Mar 14, Wed. - Workshop: Kathy Kansier, “Applique – Tips and Techniques” 

               Time - 9:00 am – 3:30pm
               Location: O’Fallon Rock Springs Nature Park, 1428 E 3rd Street, O’Fallon, IL 
               $30.00 members, also $55 kit fee 

               This workshop is a hand applique workshop, Kathy will discuss needles,                       thimbles, fabric preparation and threa d choices for creating perfect                             applique projects. Throughout the day students will learn various                                 techniques and make take-home samples of each for future reference.                       Techniques include: needle-turn applique stitches; four ways to make                         stems; inside and outside points and curves; making football and oak                           leaves; perfect circles; freezer paper applique; back basting applique; and                   broderie perse applique. 

Mar 14, Wed - Workshop: Kathy Kansier, “Wool Applique – Autumn Blessings” 
                    Time - 6:00 pm – 9:00pm
                    Location - O’Fallon Rock Springs Nature Park,
                                        1428 E 3rd Street, O’Fallon, IL 62269 
                    $45.00 members, also $55 kit fee

                    Project can be made into a wall hanging pillow  
                    or a table topper.    

Mar 15, Thu - Workshop:  Kathy Kansier, “Elegant Victorian Purses” 
                    Time - 9:00 am – 3:30pm
                    Location: O’Fallon Rock Springs Nature Park,
                                       1428 E 3rd Street, O’Fallon, IL 62269 
                    $45.00 members, also $35 kit fee

                    Learn a variety of crazy quilt, embroidery,
                    and silk ribbon stitches beading techniques
                    and wired silk ribbon flowers while making
                    this stunning class project.
                    Each student will create an individual project. Supplies you bring: fabric,                      small embroidery scissors, neutral thread, hand sewing needles, size 24 
                    tapestery needle and silk pins.  Optioal: any other embellishments
                    you want on your project.                      

Mar 15, Thu - Workshop: , Kathy Kansier, “Meet me in Hawaii” 
               Time - 6:00 pm – 9:00pm
               Location: O’Fallon Rock Springs Nature Park, 
               1428 E 3rd Street, O’Fallon, IL  62269             
               $30.00 members, also $25 kit fee   

                Learn to fold and cut fusible paper to make your own design. This is raw                      edged applique and machine stitched. 

Mar 20 - Quilt Club   NO QUILT CLUB IN MARCH (Townshhip is not available)               

Mar 24 - Twisted Mystery 
                Time: 9:00a – 12:00p
                EQ Club, Time: 12:30p – 3:00p 

 APRIL 2018

Apr 1  -  Crazy Quilt Club,- Cancelled - Easter Sunday 

Apr 10 - Guild Meeting: – Lecture/Program: Yard Sale
                  Time 6:00 Social, 7:30 pm

                  The yard sale is limited to quilting and sewing related items and each                          item must be marked with your full name and priced in 25 cent                                      increments (25¢, 50¢, 75¢, $1.00, etc).

                  Set up for the yard sale will be from 5:45 pm until 6:00 pm. The yard sale                    will open for purchasing at 6:00 pm and continue until 7:30 pm. The guild                    meeting will begin at 7:30.

                  If you bring items for the yard sale and they do not sell, you are                                      responsible for removing them at the end of the sale. If you sell items at                      the yard sale, a check for your proceeds, along with an accounting of                            how that figure was arrived at, will be mailed to you. All checks in the                          mail by Thursday of that week. The guild retains 10% of all proceeds. 

Apr 21  - Twisted Mystery 
                Time: 9:00a – 12:00p
                EQ Club, Time: 12:30p – 3:00p